The Original Motocross Vacations since 2001

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, the world’s mecca of the motocross industry and the ultimate motocross riding experience. Sunny skies, heart pumping adrenaline rides, organized on your choice of 8 of the world’s top tracksPackages including newer bikes, accommodations, transportation and track-side catering, all within a short driving distance from Anaheim. Minutes away from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and 35 minutes away from San Diego!

The Original Motocross Vacations delivers the ultimate vacation experience for every motocross rider in your family: from beginner to expert. MXV’s full service vacations include everything you need to enjoy the thrill of motocross: bikes, fuel, entry fees, pit set up with support from friendly and knowledgeable staff, food, drinks, transportation, tours, training, and more.

The Original Motocross Vacations gives you the ultimate team treatment where at the end of the day, we load up, clean and prep the bikes for the next day of incredible riding so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Original Motocross Vacations

About The Owner

In 2010, Motocross Vacations sold its business to fellow motocross rider and enthusiast, Dave Fontes of LA MX Rentals. Below is a little about Dave and how he came into the motocross industry.

“I’ve been involved with motocross for over 40 years and have experienced racing at every level. Having traveled around the globe renting dirt bikes from a variety of company’s across the market; I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly they had to offer.”

“A True Southern California Vacation is for the serious motocross vacation rider. All bikes are set up for the individual rider with a wide variety of suspension settings. It ranges from beginner to expert level. This will also give the consumers and International riders an opportunity to experience aftermarket products that no other company offers.”

Dave Fontes
MX Vacations New Owner

With many exciting packages available, you can ride for just one day or stay a full week in sunny Southern California. Not only that, ride a different track everyday!

We look forward to hearing from you, please contact us by email or call us at (805) 915-8286 if you have any questions.

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What People Are Saying About MXV
  • “Thanks for an awesome time, I’m a beginner rider, and Dave just kept on helping me, I will tell all my buddy’s, see you this summer.”

    Sean Donlin – Australia
  • “This was way cool, I talked to Dave by email and he set a bike up for me, and it was perfect, suspension, motor, no complaints, these bikes are great and fresh, see you next year, thank you Dave and MX Vacations.”

    Trent Oakford – Australia
  • “To all vacation mx riders, mxvacations.com was a very easy website. Dave took care of us, LAX pick up, travel to track and a night out on town, couldn’t ask for a better! MXV Daves bikes were very fast and fresh, I recommend this company to any international travelers. We will be back for SX season. Thanks Dave”

    Ernest & Conchitta – Bahamas
  • “MTA World Vet I wasn’t going to race due to the rain, I was just a spectator for my friends. I came across MX Vacations on vendor row, they were promoting special offers for this event, so I took advantage of good deal. The bikes were fast and the set up was better then most. I most definitely recommend this company to any one, thanks for the DR D pipe Dave.”

    Jesus Fernandes – Brazil
  • “The motocycles were set up perfectly, great tracks and I got to meet professional rider Josh Grant. Thank you again MX Vacations!”

    Aaron – Chile
  • “Best deal ever! Mx Vacations gave me a low hours Honda CRF 450R with fresh dunlop tires. They setup the bike for my liking; tire pressure, gearing, handlebar, controls, suspension setup, everything. After hearing my feeback they did adjustments to the bike in order to ride better and safe. They also gave me lots of tips regarding riding techniques and they explained me every track before the rides. I felt confidence and safe the whole time. Also Dave and Jeff were super friendly and fun. Awesome experience! Thanks Mxvacations!”

    Fernando Rigaud – Chile
  • “I was introduced to MX Vacations from Ryan Hughes, my bike had quit running at the MTA World Vet during practice, MX Vacations was parked on vendor row. I took this opportunity with great prices, Dave had set up a bike for me suspension wise and all components, I felt really comfortable with his service, the bike ran great and very fast, It was a rain fest that week and Dave just kept on working, I was really pleased with his services.”

    Victor – El Salvador
  • “Thank you MXV for an awesome time. Bikes ran great all day. Dave worked his butt off for us and it shows with our good finishes. We are going tell all our friends how good MXVacations was to us. Dave knows this buisness well. We be back soon!”

    Tomas & Frederick – Holland
  • “Thanks Dave for an awesome time, your bikes ran perfect throughout the whole series! Without your help and support I never would have won the #1 plate. I most definitely will be back.”

    Jed Schappert – New Jersey
  • “Dave thanks for the gear, riding was perfect, your bikes ran awesome and very well maintain. We most definite will spread the word to riding mates. Thanks for the best Vacation we had in a long time.” Thanks, the boys from Sweden.